Mens Sterling Silver Figaro Bracelet (250 gauge, 8 Inches)

This Silver Figaro Bracelet is a delightful designer inspired bracelet for men.

mens-sterling-silver-figaro-bracelet-250-gauge-8-inches It has been crafted out of solid .925 sterling silver.

Excellent polish & superior quality are the hallmarks of this handsome bracelet.

It features a heavy and secure lobster clasp closure.

Bracelet weighs approximately 34 grams. It will comfortably fit an eight inch wrist.

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Mens Sterling Silver Figaro Bracelet

Mens-Sterling-Silver-Figaro-Bracelet Add an advantage to any outfit with this Sterling Silver Figaro Bracelet .

A versatile bracelet, it is suitable for any occasion. Be it formal or casual or anything in between.

The bold cut & chunky links boast elegance and strength.

A must-have item for every man’s jewelry collection.

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8 Inch Sterling Silver Figaro Bracelet 9.5mm Wide (NICKEL FREE)

8-inch-sterling-silver-figaro-bracelet-9.5mm This Solid Sterling Silver Figaro Bracelet is 9.5mm wide.

It is an ID bracelet. The thick ID plaque harmonizes nicely with the thickness of the chain.

Any mistake by the engraver can be easily rebuffed & redone.

The chain has an excellent finish. It is made in Italy

The Lobster Claw Clasp facilitates ease of use & security.

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Mens Sterling Silver Figaro Bracelet 250 Gauge ID Chain

mens-sterling-silver-figaro-bracelet-250-gauge-ID-chain This ID Silver Figaro Bracelet is a must have accessory for every fashion conscious man.

It is a quality product crafted out of high quality sterling silver.

The lobster claw clasp guarantees minimum fuss and maximum security.

This is a no-frills, chunky Silver Figaro Bracelet. It looks great with everything from denim to formal wear.

Makes you feel like a million bucks without costing you as much.

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