Figaro Bracelet (14 karat Yellow Gold, 8 Inches, 7 mm)

Refurbish your wardrobe with this flamboyant Figaro Bracelet.

14-karat-8-inches-figaro-bracelet This exquisite piece of jewelry will enhance your look with charm and style.

It is sturdy enough to withstand the ravages of elements & time.

The secure, & user friendly lobster claw clasp closes this figaro bracelet.

Total metal weight is 12 grams.

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Mens Sterling Silver Italian Figaro Bracelet (Nickel Free 9mm, 8 Inch)

mens-sterling-silver-italian-figaro-bracelet-nickel-free-9mm-wide-8-inch This classic piece of Italian jewelry will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

The bracelet is finely crafted in sterling silver. It boasts a chain of highly polished links.

The secure and easy-to-use lobster claw clasp closes this bracelet.

The necklace bears the metal stamp of 925 silver. It comes from the brand name of Rich Peel.

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14k White Gold Mens Figaro Bracelet (8 Inches)

14k-white-gold-mens-figaro-bracelet-8-inches Add understated elegance, & sparkle to any outfit with this magnificent white gold Figaro Bracelet.

The bracelet is crafted out of high quality white gold. It is authenticated with 14K stamp.

This bracelet will add alluring glamor to your attire. It will leave a lasting impact on onlookers with its lovely look.

The easy-to-use & secure lobster clasp makes you comfortable with the bracelet.

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14 Karat Yellow Gold Figaro Bracelet 8.25 Inches

14-karat-yellow-gold-figaro-bracelet-8.25-inch This lovely figaro bracelet presents the lustrous beauty of Yellow gold to perfection.

Be the cynosure of all eyes with this bracelet.

Length of the chain is 8.25 inches. Its width is 0.12 inches. Total metal weight is 4.8 Grams.

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