The GIA Diamond Cut Grading System assigns one of the following five grades to describe the overall cut quality of a standard round brilliant diamond.

The cut grades namely are: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair And Poor.

Excellent A diamond with an “excellent” cut grade reflects virtually all the light entering the diamond and thus creates extraordinary sparkle and life. It shows maximum of fire and brilliance.
Very Good A diamond with a “Very Good” cut grade is able to reflect the major portion of light entering it. This also produces excellent fire and brilliance. Under normal lighting conditions, this diamond appears quite similar to Excellent Cut, but is available for a lower price.
Good A diamond with a “Good” cut grade reflects a major portion of the light entering it which yields an above average appearance. This diamond offers an excellent value for money as compared to the above higher cut grade diamonds.
Fair A diamond with a “Fair” cut grade causes a good deal of light entering it to leak out from its sides or bottom. This reduces both, fire and brilliance. Smaller diamonds weighing under .75 carats are able to get away with this cut grade as the differences in sparkle are not easy to perceive.
Poor A diamond with a “Poor” cut grade causes most of the light entering it to leak from its sides or bottom. The diamond appears dull & lifeless, even to an untrained eye.


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