Bling Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Snake Chain 3mm Compatible with Non Screw European Beads Charms 7

This is an elegantly simple and truly beautiful Sterling Silver Snake Chain Bracelet.


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A European story bracelet, it has been crafted out of .925 Sterling Silver.

This snake chain measures approximately 3mm width by 7 inches in length, weighs around 6 grams & has a gauge of 240.

The bracelet features the secure and user friendly lobster claw clasp.

This snake chain measures approximately 3mm width x 7 inches in length and weighs approximately 6 grams. 7″ Sterling Silver Snake Chain Bracelet 3mm has a gauge of 240.

It can fit charms and beads with a 3.5mm or larger core. of 3.5mm core or larger.

To arrive at your correct size add ½ inch to your actual wrist size as extra room for beads (if you are adding charm beads).

Franki Baker Men’s Sterling Silver Snake Chain Bracelet (22cm/8.6ins)

This handsome snake chain bracelet is Hallmarked 925 sterling silver.


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A very masculine bracelet, it has been crafted to last.

The bracelet will make a bold statement on your wrist and also an ideal gift.

Length of the bracelet too is a manly 22cms/8.6inches.

Total metal weight is 18 grams.

4.5mm Sterling Silver Antiqued Oxidized Snake Skin Chain Bracelet 7


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Behold the GORGEOUS snake chain bracelet.

Made in Italy and crafted out of nickel-free sterling silver, this popcorn style link bracelet features an antiqued finish & has a mesh snake like texture.

Bracelet is pretty much as pictured – it seems adorned with little popcorn pieces.

It’s an interesting, cool-looking bracelet – comfortable to wear.

It looks very good with other oxidized pieces or marcasite.

The easy to use and highly secure lobster claw clasp closes this bracelet.

Coming from the brand name of Silver Insanity the bracelet is 7 inches long and has a width of 4.5mm.

Total metal weight is 6.1 Grams.

Two-Tone Black and White Snake Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver


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This superb snake chain bracelet uses the effect of illuminated contrast to emphasize its exquisite beauty.

It has been delicately crafted from polished shiny sterling silver.

The unique two-tone bracelet is seven and half inches in length & includes an easy-to-use lobster claw clasp for simple adornment.

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