Mens Blue Topaz Rings are suitable for those born in the month of December. The icy-blue of topaz suits well to this last month of the year. Folks born in December grow a pleasant disposition & patient attitude wearing blue topaz.

.03 ct 10X10 Checkercut Blue Topaz Mens Ring 0.70 Ct Round Sky Blue VS Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Men's Ring
.03 ct 10X10 Checkercut Blue Topaz Mens Ring 0.70 Ct Round Sky Blue VS Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Men’s Ring

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Also a gemstone for celebrating the 4th and 19th anniversaries of marriage, Blue Topaz is the state gem of Texas.

It is believed to minimize treacherous enchantments & increase strength. Blue topaz in particular has been said to enhance ones creative energies. Since it inspires creativity, it is believed to be helpful in overcoming writer’s block. It is also an excellent stone for improving concentration.

.06 ct 8X8 Checkercut Mens Blue Topaz Rings border= .016 ct 6 mm Checkercut Blue Topaz Mens Ring .15 ct 6mm Checker Blue Topaz Mens White Ring
.06 ct 8X8 Checkercut Mens Blue Topaz Rings .016 ct 6 mm Checkercut Blue Topaz Mens Ring .15 ct 6mm Checker Blue Topaz Mens White Ring

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While buying a blue topaz gemstone, the most important characteristic to consider is color. The gemstone should capture the color of the sky on a cloudless day. Purer and brighter pastel blue hues are the best.

By and large, blue topaz comes in three colors:

Pale sky blue topaz: Sky blue topaz can often imitate the color of aquamarine.

A brighter shade of blue topaz is the Swiss blue topaz gemstone.

A still deeper and more popular blue shade for men’s topaz rings is the deep London blue topaz gemstone.

London Blue Topaz is a gem of romantic disposition. As such it figures frequently in love stories and honeymoon escapades. This gem signifies beauty, uniqueness, affluence and reveals a sense of endurance.

Regardless of design or setting, London blue topaz flaunts vivid colors of intense dusty blue with inky undercurrents.

The value of a blue topaz gemstone tends to be influenced be its cut & clarity. Light shade of the gem can make its imperfections more obvious.

Earlier a rare color, blue is today the most common color of topaz courtesy a stable color enhancement process involving irradiation and heating developed in the 1970s. Naturally pale to medium blue topaz is enhanced by irradiation to produce a more intense blue color.

The enhancement of blue topaz gemstones in this manner has resulted in the gem being available & affordable even in larger sizes.

The beautiful cool blue of the sky is captured in blue topaz. The blue gem is a designer favorite as it is affordable & available in an extensive range of sizes & shapes. The bright and vivacious stone looks right when set either in white or yellow metals. This versatile gem will harmonize well with almost everything in your wardrobe, from browns and grays to vivid tones.

Durability is an important factor to be considered to be considered while crafting mens jewelry. This is because mens jewelry has to undergo a more rigorous usage as compared to women’s jewelry. The gemstone topaz scores a substantial 8 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. This makes the gemstone sturdy enough for mens rings.

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