The herringbone chain pattern is a geometric tessellation. It is an inimitable piece of craftsmanship.

14 Karat Yellow Gold 1.9-mm Hollow Herringbone Chain

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Flat and rectangular metal links are placed parallel to each other on a flexible base material. They are pieced together tightly at a slightly slanted angle and skillfully woven to create a braided, flattened looking chain. If two or more rows of links connect to form the chain, the slants alternate in direction. The links are woven tight, giving the chain a textured feel. The simplistic design displays an understated elegance.

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14Karat Yellow Gold 1.9mm Hollow Herringbone Chain

A splendid and sophisticated tapestry of intricately woven links, the herringbone chain pattern bears and unmistakable resemblance to the spine bone of the herring fish. That is how it derives its name.

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Sterling Silver Braided Herringbone Chain Bracelet

The herringbone design has been adapted from the intricate pattern found on woven fabrics. It resembles the herringbone tweed pattern of twilled fabric.

Herringbone Pattern Tweed Wool

The pattern consisting of rows of short slanted parallel lines with the direction of the slant alternating row by row is also used in masonry, parquetry and embroidery.

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10k Herringbone Chain Ankle Bracelet Jewelry

The herringbone chain is also crafted by beginning with a double rope chain. The chain is manipulated and curbed to take out the twist and then hammered flat.

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Sterling Silver Herringbone Bangle Bracelet

The unique selling point of this chain is that it is a perfectly flat chain. Most other chains are tubular or round and the herringbone chain manages to look different with its flat appearance. The design is similar to other flat chain designs such as the omega chain and the snake chain.

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Sterling Silver Herringbone Bangle Bracelet

The chain is smooth and molds to the contours of your body. It nestles nicely on your skin and remains on your neck or wrist like a perfectly placed ribbon. It doesn’t roll over or bend.

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Sterling Silver Italian Magic Herringbone Chain Necklace

The flat design of the herringbone chain ensures that it presents a larger surface to light for reflection. As such the chain looks shinier than other chain designs.

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18Karat Gold Over Silver Reversible Braided Herringbone Chain Necklace-18-Inch

The chain offers a more substantial look at a smaller price. The flatness of the chain makes it wider than other types of chain of the same weight and price.

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Sterling Silver 080 Flexible Herringbone Chain Necklace 8mm

Moreover, herringbone chains are usually reversible and manage to give two different look & style in a single chain. The flat side can be used for daily casual look while the more glitzy side can be turned upside for formal dinners and events.

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18k Sterling Silver Herringbone Chain Necklace 18 Inches

Also, the chain is available in a wide variety of widths, lengths, styles and finishes. Available sizes range in lengths from 7 inches women’s bracelet through 30 inches chains. Finding the perfect necklace (or bracelet) is simply a matter of figuring out which type you want.

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18k Gold Plated Herringbone Chain Link Necklace

While the majority of these chains are usually gold and silver, stainless steel version are also available.

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16Inch 080 Superflex Herringbone Chain Necklace

On the flip side though, the herringbone chain style is less flexible and prone to kinking particularly in smaller thickness and width. Take care while wearing this type of chain, as twisting can mutilate the herringbone. It’s hard to repair and the mended portion may turn rigid.

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Sterling Silver Italian Twisted Herringbone Chain Necklace Chain Two Tone Gold Finish

Also, as the chain is meant to lie flat, no charms or pendants should be hung from this style of chain. You cannot use the chain to flaunt your favorite pendant or medallion. Nevertheless, if you choose to wear this chain there is no need for a pendant or medallion since the chain itself is a substantial jewelry accessory.

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Bracelet Herringbone Curves

Herringbone chain is a classic beautiful design and one of the more widely popular styles of chains. The beautiful woven texture of this type of chains gives it a lustrous and graceful look. The chains are simply outstanding and go well with different wardrobes.

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18k Gold Plated Herringbone Link Bracelet

Enhance your first impression, emphasize your style and chart a pathway to refined elegance with a silky smooth herringbone chain. It is a great looking chain that can be worn anytime.

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Diamond Cut Braided Herringbone Bracelet Sterling Silver

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